Data Recovery Services Since 2003

Data Recovery Lab started its operation in 2003 in London. In 2007, it joined forces with Computer Forensics Lab and enhanced its capabilities with forensic data recovery and digital forensic investigations. Equipped with high-tech expertise and extensive training, Data Recovery Lab enhanced its capacity and capabilities enabling it to perform advanced data recovery and forensic analysis of data. Since 2003, Data Recovery Lab and its parent company, Computer Forensics Lab, have served over 100,000 business, government and private customers providing them with data recovery and digital forensic services.

We have continued to grow and expand our services and capabilities and attracted more clients from different industry sectors. Our services include but no limited to the following:

  • Advanced data recovery (Computers, servers, CCTVs, hard drives, SSDs, Memory cards, USB memory sticks)
  • Digital forensic examination of compromised devices (Computers, Mobile Phones, Smart Appliances)
  • RAID/SAN Data Recovery (Complex Systems Data Recovery)
  • VM (Virtual Machine) Recovery (Virtual Systems Data Recovery)
  • Expert Witness Services For UK Crown Courts as IT Experts

If you require any more information or want to use our services, please call 0207 5161077 or use our online inquiry form.