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Data recovery from RAID, Server, NAS, PC, Laptop, Mac and portable USB hard drives. Hard drive recovery specialists based in London.

We are an experienced and professional data recovery services company with solid track record in recovering data for business and private customers in London since 2002.

Data Recovery ServicesData Recovery London has recovered data for business and private customers for many years and we have succeeded where other data recovery companies have failed. We have been trusted by many photographers, musicians, students, teachers, academics, businessmen, housewives as well as numerous media companies, advertising agencies, insurance companies, banks and small businesses across the UK since we started started trading as the second major provider of data recovery services in the UK.


Unlike many data recovery companies advertising virtual addresses in London which you CANNOT visit, we are the ONLY data recovery company which has its data recovery lab facilities in London. We actually do all the work in our well-equipped data recovery lab facilities in Finchley Central, London. You simply can walk in and have a chat with  our data recovery specialists and entrust your hard disk or other digital media to us in person for data recovery if you wish. In fact, we highly encourage that. However if you cannot come to us for whatever reason, we will be happy to collect your media for a quotation and assessment FREE of charge! Alternatively, you can courier  or send your media for  same immediate assessment.

Here is the FREE disk collection form. (If you want a fast data recovery, you need to bring it to us or use a same day courier. This is because when you book a free collection, we collect the next day and we will receive your media the day after.)

Our hard drive data recovery specialists are able to provide the following services:

  • Hard Drive Recovery
  • External HDD Recovery
  • Laptop Data Recovery
  • Desktop Data Recovery
  • Mac Data Recovery
  • Deleted Data Recovery
  • RAID, NAS and SSD Data Recovery
  • USB Memory Stick Recovery

We have helped many media, music, film, gaming and advertising companies in London recover data from NAS drives, data cabinets, RAID5 arrays, external hard drives, compact flashes, memory cards and internal Mac hard drives.  Data Recovery Lab is a trusted authority in data recovery in the UK among many IT companies who commission us to recover data for their corporate and private customers.


Data Recovery Services London

Providing data recovery services to private and business customer in London dealing with challenging and complex cases of recovering data from damaged internal or external computer hard drives, SSDs, RAID arrays, NAS drives, memory cards, USB memory sticks, digital cameras, CCTV and video recording devices. Offers professional data recovery services for enterprise and small business data storage systems including RAID systems. RAID 0 – RAID 1 – RAID 2 – RAID 3 – RAID 4 – RAID 5 and is trusted by corporate and private clients across the UK. Established since 2002.

Data Recovery London

Data Recovery London provides data recovery services for private and business customers in London and the rest of the UK. Trusted by hundreds of media companies, music and film studios and post production companies in London. If you are in London, you can bring your hard drive for a free quotation and data recovery.