Joseph Y Naghdi
Joseph Y NaghdiOperations Director & Founder
Joseph says: “I and my colleagues in Data Recovery Lab, pride ourselves in providing our private or corporate customers with a professional, efficient and timely data recovery service that far surpasses expectations.” He is the big boss and you cannot joke with that!
Navid Naghdi
Navid NaghdiChief Data Recovery Lab Engineer
Navid is the chief data recovery lab engineer. He is super-techie and super clever and knows all about hard drives and techie stuff inside out. Navid’s job is to supervise the data recovery service team. He makes sure all the jobs are checked and the recovered data is verified. He is the quiet man behind the noisy wheel of the data recovery lab machine!
Jacob Singer
Jacob SingerNetwork Engineer, Field computer Services
Jacob heads the IT team looking after the IT infrastructure and support. He also looks after the field IT technicians. He know all about computer networks, cloud computing. In his spare time he is a voice actor in TV dramas. Very serious stuff! We were lucky to capture this smily picture by tickling him and making faces at him!
Fafa Band
Fafa BandCustomer Service Team Member
Fafa is a senior member of the our customer service team and always wears a big smile and makes us laugh most of the time. She makes sure customers are happy and and keeps them updated and looks after all communications including emails and customer inquiries. She is less smily here though!
Marie Azur
Marie AzurDigital Marketing & Social Media
Marie is in charge of digital marketing and social media customer relations. She is making sure our presence across all social media and the internet is guaranteed. She always has a big smile on her face and is full of energy and vitality. Very serious in this picture though!
Frank Cheng
Frank ChengChief Lab Engineer
Frank is the chief lab engineer and data recovery lab team leader supervising lab engineers. He makes sure everything is done to the highest standards. Always busy in his super duper techie cubicle! Sometimes he needs a tickle!
Julia Pasiuk
Julia PasiukAccounts, Payroll & Credit Control
Julia heads the accounts department which is responsible for finance, customer accounts, payroll and credit control ensuring the sound financial management of the company. She is so good in numbers and pretty serious in taking everyone to task when it comes to finances!
Robert Pearse
Robert PearseTechnical Support Engineer
Robert’s job is to look after customers from a technical perspective. He is in charge of technical support in Data Recovery Lab. He is an avid computer gaming geek and creates computer algos and programs in Python and C++. Quite geeky eh!
Alex Catz
Alex CatzChief Developer
Alex heads our software development team and is always tweaking the algorithms which make our sophisticated data recovery hardware and software work in the best possible way. You always see Alex in front 2-3 and sometimes 4 screens full of gobbledygook! He looks like Elliot Alderson in Mr Robot! Once he even dressed as one on his birthday!
Zoe Abrahams
Zoe AbrahamsCustomer Service Manager
Zoe’s job is to look after customers. She is in charge of all customer services in Data Recovery Lab. She always smiley, no need to be tickled to laugh. She is basically incapable of frowning!
Sidney Sarmad
Sidney SarmadTechnical Support Engineer
Sid is resposible for all data recovery service inquiries, updates and customer relations and all delivery and collection of incoming and outgoing jobs. Nothing ecapes his eagle eyes! Good man..