Mac Data Recovery London: We recover data from Apple Mac computers and internal and external hard drive used in iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, G-Tech, Time Capsule

Mac Data Recovery LondonYour Mac shows a question mark at start-up? Stops at Mac logo? Not booting up to the desktop?

We can help you get your data back. We specialise in Mac data recovery. Just call 02075161077 or bring your Mac to our advanced Mac data recovery in London and our experienced technicians will be able to carry out an initial assessment, provide you with a quote. Upon approval of the quote, we will complete the data recovery from your Mac system and copy the data onto an external Mac compatible hard disk for you to take away.

Windows vs Mac Data Recovery

The HFS and HFS+ files used in Apple Mac systems are different from the FAT and NTFS file systems used in PCs using Microsoft Windows. Therefore the Data Recovery Lab technical team have developed special tools for Mac data recovery. Our specialist tools guarantee a much greater degree of success in data recovery and enables us to recover data from Mac OS hard drives even in cases where other data recovery companies have failed to recover any data.

Our expertise and ISO-certified data recovery facilities means that we can ensure 100% data recovery even in cases where the hard drive has sustained serious physical and electronic damage.

Over 15 years in Apple Mac Data Recovery

As an experienced data recovery company specialising in Mac data recovery, we will explore all the possible options to recover your data and go the extra mile to ensure a successful data recovery is achieved.

We specialise in Mac data recovery. We recover data from faulty Apple Mac hard disks. Hard drive recovery has been our core business since 2001.

Hard drive can and may fail for different reasons. At some point your hard disk may fail and you may lose your data which is stored in it as documents, emails, photos, pictures, presentations and videos will disappear.

In these circumstances you do need a data recovery specialist company to help you with data recovery. We have helped many businesses including IT companies, media companies, photographers and private individuals recover data from faulty hard drives since 2002.

Data Recovery Lab has advanced technologies required in the data recovery process enabling it to achieve the highest success rates possible in the data recovery industry. Our team of data recovery specialists have a high degree of success in recovering data lost from Apple Mac, iMac Fusion Drives, PC or PC desktop, laptop hard drives, RAID arrays, NAS drives, external hard disks, memory sticks including other types of removable media, including SD cards used in digital cameras and MP3 players.

We have now acquired the technology and knowhow to recover data from proprietory iMac Fusion Drives. Using the the newly acquired techniques, has enabled us to perform successful iMac Fusion Drive recovery. See iMac Fusion Drive Recovery for more.

For a FREE consultation on Mac data recovery, call 02075161077 or make an online inquiry here.