Advanced Data Recovery in London LabAdvanced Data Recovery by Data Recovery Lab in London

We succeed where other data recovery companies have failed. Data Recovery Lab technicians are trained to perform advanced data recovery where a standard data recovery fails to deliver the right results.Our specialist data recovery lab in London has been retrieving and recovering data from physically, electronically damaged hard drive as well as reconstructing and bringing back to life corrupted, lost, deleted, damaged inaccessible files since 2002.

How can advanced data recovery help you when everything else fails?

Using the most experienced data recovery specialists who have been trained and certified by all the major manufacturers of hard drives, SSDs and memory sticks such as Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, G-Tech, LG, Toshiba, Samsung, SanDisk, Fujitsu, Dell EMC2, Corsair, AData, QNAP and Intel, we are certain to analyse the initial causes of failure in these data storage media and find the appropriate the advanced data recovery solution. This means all the original lost data will be successfully recovered and the correct directory structure restored without fail.

Can the advanced data recovery methods salvage data from fire or water damaged hard drives?

The answer is a resoundingly affirmative as our data recovery technicians can use their vast experience and training in applying advanced data recovery methods in recovering data from hard drives which have been damaged in fire or flooding. The damage in these cases are primarily electronic in nature and mainly requires advanced data recovery techniques in order to achieve a successful data recovery. We are able to repair or replace the electronic circuit of these disks and reprogram the EPROM on the circuit board (PCB) chip to make sure the media holding the data becomes accessible. Once this is done, we can image or clone the temporarily repaired drive and do the actual data recovery from the clone created.

Who can benefit from advanced data recovery?

If the company you to whom you have given your faulty hard drive has failed to recover any data and you really do need a second expert opinion to get your critical data back, then Data Recovery Lab advanced data recovery unit can help you. Using our advanced tools and advanced methods in recovering data from faulty hard drives, we can always help you by getting your data back by using our well-equipped advanced data recovery lab in London. We serve both private and business customers and handle both small and large-scale jobs. Furthermore, we are trained to handle extremely complex and challenging data recovery cases and have always managed to find a solution and have often delivered a successful data recovery.

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