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Data recovery in LondonAre you based in London? Are you looking for a swift, reliable, affordable data recovery? If yes, then you are in the right place.

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We are data recovery specialists and can recover ALL your data successfully even if the disk is damaged or is clicking.

Data Recovery London has been helping many tens of thousands of London-based business and private customers get back their valuable data from hard disks, RAID arrays, USB memory sticks, faulty laptops and many other types of digital storage media since 2003.

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Data Recovery Professionals Since 2003 -Recover Data Fast!

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Your Hard Drive Has Failed

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Data Recovery Specialists Since 2003.

Data Recovery London

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Data Recovery London Lab can be your saviour!

Data Recovery in 3 Simple Steps:

Data Recovery Step 1STEP 1:
TURN OFF YOUR DEVICE: laptop, external hard drive, SSD, PC, Mac, RAID unit. Faulty hard drives rapidly deteriorate when they fail. Turning off the device prevents complication and further unintended damage and will facilitate easy, cost-effective recovery.

Data Recovery Step 2

DO NOT DO ANY diy DATA RECOVERY: You may seriously damage your device unintentionally and further complicate the data recovery process which may lead to a unsuccessful recovery. DO NOT DO IT YOURSELF!

Data Recovery Step 3

IMMEDIATELY CALL 0207 164 69 15 TO SPEAK TO A DATA RECOVERY SPECIALIST. We will ask you all the right questions and guide you through the data recovery process. We will even arrange the FREE collection of your media if you cannot bring it to us.

See a data recovery process flowchart here.

NOTE: Hard drive repair and hard disk repair is done for the purpose of  recovery. Hard drive repair is always temporary. Hard disk repair is stage 1 for a successful data result from a clicking hard disk. Hard drive repair is not the end goal it is a means to a successful outcome.


Data Recovery London differentiates itself from the crowd in the following ways:

  • Actual Data Recovery Company: We are an ACTUAL hard drive recovery company in London you can visit and see us in action, not a virtual data recovery company with a virtual address and NO known address you can visit and nobody to talk to!
  • Lots of Experience With All Types of Hard Drives: We are the most experienced data recovery company in the UK. Our parent company is Computer Forensics Lab which is one of the most hi-tech companies in the UK specialising in digital forensics, cyber security and electronic discovery. We have more experienced technicians with better lab facilities ensuring a higher rate of success and much lower degrees of failure. We will go the extra mile and explore ALL standard and proprietary methods and processes to ensure a successful result in hard drive recovery.
  • Trusted by thousands of Business and Private Customers: You will be using a company trusted by over 1100 companies/corporate entities and countless private customers whose data has been successfully recovered since 2003. Almost all customers who have used our data recovery services, have given us 5-star ratings in Google Reviews.  See that for yourself here.
  • High Rate of Success in Data Recovery: We have recovered data consistently at a rate of 98.6%!
  • Unbeatable Pricing and Most Competitive: We are the most price-competitive hard drive recovery company in the UK! No other company can beat our prices!
  • Once Single Inclusive Price That Will Not Change: When we quote our customers after a free assessment, the cost is inclusive of all parts, donor drives, VAT and new disk containing the recovered data, the price will never change!  Other companies only give you the “start from” price and NEVER confirm the ultimate price. They also charge you extra for parts, donor drives, and the destination drive to which the recovered data should be copied to. They ultimately will charge you in excess of £950 + for a single hard drive but when you call them they say “It will cost from £250 or £350″ without saying that it does NOT include parts, donor drive, destination drive, assessment and VAT! We know this because we have done a lot of mystery shopping on your behalf.
  • No-Data, No-Fee: You pay ONLY if we have successfully recovered your data, No charges for parts or diagnosis if we fail to recover your data.
  • FREE UK Mainland Disk Collection: If you cannot come to us, we can collect your fault unit FREE of charge from any location in the mainland UK.
  • Excellent Past Recovery Support: We will provide post recovery support to ensure how the recovered data is deployed on your computer and how it can be used.
  • We Are Authorised and Certified by The Industry: We are a Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi. G-Tech and Samsung Certified data recovery company.
  • FULL CONFIDENTIALITY OF DATA GUARANTEED. We exercise maximum care in ensuring the security and confidentiality of our clients data. 100% Non-disclosure, discretion and safeguarding of customer data is our absolute priority. We are registered with ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office).
  • Advanced Data Recovery Services: We do provide advanced data recovery service for NAS, SSD, RAID, VM and SAN digital storage devices and server systems. Learn more..
  • Excellent Customer Communications: We will keep you informed about the progress of your disk recovery by email so that you know what is going on.
  • Streamlined Data Recovery Process: As soon as we have your hard drive, we will examine your  device, provide you with a quote and after your approval, we will complete the recovery. A listing of all recovered data will be given to you for viewing before you make a payment.

Your Hard Disk Has Crashed? Can’t Access Your Data?

Data Recovery London can help. We are data recovery specialists. We have successfully recovered data from different types of hard drives, memory sticks, SSD hard disks and other digital storage media since 2003. Our experts have an excellent track record in hard drive recovery. We operate a no-data, no recovery policy for hard drive and memory sticks.

RAID or NAS array gone offline? Data Disappeared?

Data Recovery London can help you recover data from RAID and NAS volumes. We are RAID data recovery specialists. We have successfully recovered data from different types of RAIDs NAS drives, such as RAID1, RAID0, RAID5, RAID10 and other NAS or RAID digital storage devices since 2003. Data Recovery Lab is a RAID certified data recovery company .

IT Support or IT Technician? Clients with faulty or damaged hard drives?

Data Recovery Lab can help you with your clients who have an issue with an internal or external hard drive which ins inaccessible, faulty or is making a clicking noise. We can be your partner in data recovery service that you can add to your portfolio of the services that you offer your customers. With our vast experience and sizable investment in hard drive recovery services and digital forensics, we are in the best position to help you. We will provide with an exclusive and competitive pricing which is payable only if recovery is successful. You can add an additional stream of income to your portfolio of computer services. Learn more..

Specialist Data Recovery and Computer Forensics Services

In addition to data recovery services, we have a digital forensics team who specialise in COMPUTER FORENSICS INVESTIGATIONS involving civil & criminal cases in London. For more information, visit our Computer Forensics Lab website. If you are looking for computer forensics services, you will find extensive information in our specialist websites created exactly for this purpose: