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Data recovery in LondonAre you based in London? Are you looking for a swift, reliable data recovery service? Search no more.

Data Recovery London has been helping thousands of London-based business and private customers get back their valuable data from hard disks, RAID arrays, USB memory sticks, faulty laptops and many other types of digital storage media. We can help you recover ALL your data. We NOW offer iMac Fusion Drive recovery which has been impossible so far. More on Apple iMac Fusion Drive recovery..

FREE Media Collection, FREE Quotes, FREE Analysis, No-Data, No-Fee. Call 0207 164 69 15 Now. ALSO COMPUTER FORENSICS INVESTIGATIONS in civil & criminal cases

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We are a REAL data recovery company in London you can feel and touch! You can come and see us and bring your faulty media for data recovery. MEET THE DATA RECOVERY TEAM. For independent customer reviews, see FREEINDEX or our Feefo page.

Data Recovery Lab is actually in London and has been operating its own lab and employing data recovery technicians since 2001. We always encourage customers to come and see us and have a chat. If this is not possible, we can always collect your your faulty media FREE of charge. Just come to us or book a FREE disk collection.

Data Recovery in 3 Simple Steps:

Data Recovery Step 1STEP 1:
TURN OFF YOUR DEVICE: laptop, external hard drive, PC, Mac, RAID unit. Faulty hard drives rapidly deteriorate when they fail. Turning off the device prevents complication and further unintended damage and will facilitate easy, cost-effective data recovery.

Data Recovery Step 2

DO NOT DO ANY diy DATA RECOVERY: You may seriously damage your device unintentionally and further complicate the data recovery process which may lead to a unsuccessful data recovery. DO NOT DO IT YOURSELF!

Data Recovery Step 3

IMMEDIATELY CALL 0207 164 69 15 TO SPEAK TO A DATA RECOVERY SPECIALIST. We will ask you all the right questions and guide you through the data recovery process. We will even arrange the FREE collection of your media if you cannot bring it to us.

As soon as we have your faulty hard drive, we will send you a confirmation by email. Examination of the hard disk will follow to determine the extent of the damage and to establish the cost of data recovery. The results will be emailed to you within 24 hours after examination of the media. See a process flowchart here.

As soon as we have your hard drive, we will examine your disk, provide you with a quote and after your approval, complete the data recovery. The most important thing is that you pay ONLY if we have successfully recovered your data, No charges for parts or diagnosis if we fail to recover your data.

Your Hard Disk Has Crashed? Can’t Access Your Data?

Data Recovery London can help. We are data recovery specialists. We have successfully recovered data from different types of hard drives, memory sticks, SSD hard disks and other digital storage media since 2001. Our data recovery experts have an excellent track record hard drive recovery. We operate a no-data, no recovery policy for hard drive and memory sticks.

RAID or NAS array gone offline? Data Disappeared?

Data Recovery London can help you recover data from RAID and NAS volumes. We are RAID data recovery specialists. We have successfully recovered data from different types of RAIDs NAS drives, such as RAID1, RAID0, RAID5, RAID10 and other NAS or RAID digital storage devices since 2001. Data Recovery Lab is a RAID certified data recovery company .

Large Amounts of Data? Data Availability Issues?

We are data storage solutions specialists. Our data storage solutions will ensure enhanced data accessibility, data security and data maintenance in your organisation. Data storage solutions customers include media companies, broadcasters, creative agencies, advertising firms and music and film production studios in London and the South East..