Mobile Data RecoveryHow does mobile data recovery works?

Mobile data recovery has become increasingly common due to the availability of Android and iOS mobile devices everywhere. Almost one half of the population of the Earth own some kind Android or Apple device. This underlines the importance of mobile devices and smart phones and as a consequence a lot of data is stored on these types of mobiles.

Why do we need mobile data recovery specialists?

There is an increasing need for mobile data recovery specialists as more data is lost on a regular basis as a result damage to the Android phones iOS devices. In order to recover data from mobile phone, a data recovery technician needs to be familiar with how data is stored by Android and iOS file systems which are both Unix-like file systems. Mobile data recovery technicians must be trained in Linux/Unix file systems so that they can recover data when data is deleted from any smartphone or when it stops working and gets stuck in boot mode just showing the logo.

Mobile Data Recovery When An Android or iOS Mobile Phone Physically or Electronically Damaged

Mobile Data RecoveryWhen a mobile phone is physically or electronically damaged, you cannot just use software or automated methods to recover data from a mobile device. In these cases, JTAG and Chip Off are both hardware based data recovery solutions that can be used to extract the data from an Android mobile phone or tablet when no software or manual method for Android data recovery is possible. JTAG is a technique that allows us to bypass the Android operating system and read the data by using access ports on the phone’s motherboard to retrieve the data. This is normally done by rewiring these access ports. Chip-Off Android data recovery involves removing the memory chips from the mobile phone or tablet’s circuit board and reading the data directly from them. Both JTAG and Chip-off mobile data recovery are far more advanced and get better results than using simple automated recovery methods.

Can Data Recovery Lab Recover Data From Mobile Phones?

The answer is a resounding yes. Data Recovery Lab specialise in mobile data recovery. Our data recovery have been specially trained to perform successful mobile data recovery using all the above methods. Therefore all Data Recovery Lab customers can be certain that all their data including photos, audio files, documents and music and all their application data will be recovered successfully and copied onto an external hard drive or a memory stick.

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