Data Recovery CompanyPrevent Further Damage To your Hard Drive By NOT Doing The Following:

DO NOT take the the hard disk’s outer shell (metal compartment) apart:

Hard drives are assembled and sealed in clean lab conditions in production lines to prevent particles of dust settling on the surface of the media (platters). Hard drive platters spin at a rate of 4,200 to 10,000 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) when powered on. Opening the hard disk drive metal outer shell to inspect the contents, by anyone but a properly trained data recovery specialist in a controlled environment, could lead to the contamination of the magnetic media.

There is absolutely nothing that a non-trained person can do to repair the drive however technical they may be unless they are data recovery specialists and sufficiently trained and experienced in data recovery and have the clean room facilities to perform parts exchanges, head swaps or re-alignments or caliberations. A non-trained individual will simply damage the hard drive by dismantling it because the read/write heads move at a very close distance to the spinning hard drive platters. Even the smallest, miscroscopic dust particles will cause damage to the surface of the platter which contains magnetic coating used in storing data on a hard drive.

DO NOT place drive in the freezer:

In some internet circles and forums, you may be told that putting drive in a thick plastic bag and leaving it in the freezer may get drive working again. This is NOT advisable. Avoid doing this as there is no evidence that this will work and may cause end up doing more damage than good.

DO NOT let Windows automatically scan the disk for inconsistencies and errors at start-up:

This automatic scan is NOT good at all for a successful data recovery as it completely messes up the structure of the data container of the fsulty hard drive. If the hard disk is physically faulty, the disk scan will damage the read/write heads even further. If the scan automatically started after you restarted the computer, shut it down and take the hard disk out if possible.

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