Data Recovery LondonHow To Deal With Data Loss and How to Find A Data Recovery Company in London

Whether you are a business or private individual, losing your precious data, can be an extremely painful experience. If you you are in this unfortunate situation, there are a number of things you need to do to increase the chances a successful data recovery and prevent further damage to your media:

  1. Turn off the hard drive or computer immediately:
  2. Do NOT use any Windows/Mac System Recovery Disk
  3. Do NOT attempt to repair your hard drive yourself using downloaded software from the internet.
  4. Do NOT open a hard drive which is making a clicking noise under any circumstances. (This specially applies if you have dropped your hard drive.)
  5. Do NOT write back any data if you have accidentally formatted the hard disk
  6. Do NOT attempt to swap hard drive PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
  7. Do NOT use any soldering gun to repair or rewire a severed USB memory stick.
  8. Do NOT format a hard drive or memory stick which stopped working and now prompts you to format it every time you plug it into your computer.

By doing any of the above you will only complicate a success data recovery or even make it impossible. You can call 0207 516 1077 to speak to a data recovery specialist who will offer you FREE consultation on what to do next.


Data Recovery London (t/a Data Recovery Lab) has been providing the highest data recovery services to London business and private customers since 2001. We are a data recovery specialist company with certified labs in London benefitting from our in-house advanced equipment and long experience in recovering data and Malware Removal from faulty hard drives, memory stick, SSDs, RAID arrays, memory cards, CF cards and a host of other digital storage devices. Our mission is to help business and private customers who have suffered data loss as a result of hard drive crash, physical damage, accidental formatting, corruption or electronic damage. Some of the most common causes of data loss may include power failure, virus infection, shock or knock, water, electronic damage and sabotage.

  • We recover lost data from servers, Recover data from file servers, web servers, application servers, storage servers, among others.
  • We restore data from hard disks and hard drives , Recover data from any internal or external hard drive, regardless of brand or interface.
  • We recover data from any Mac computer or device, including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pro.
  • We can restore failed hard drives on laptop computers, servers, NAS drives, RAID arrays and USB disk